Video:The Aspie World- AUTISM Is YOUR Super Power

This is why Autism is your super power. Helping people understand Autism from a person with Autism’s perspective.

Autism is your super power and in this video I talk about my experiences growing up with Asperger Syndrome and how I turned autism into the super power of autism.

Achieving goals is my passion in life, do more always do your best and push yourself to succeed. Call it autism powers, call it asperges’s superpowers, I call it a super power for the brain.

Some people may refer to it as autism special abilities, but whatever you call it know it’s a positive as well as a negative

Using autism as a super power as giving me the ability to create music, create a book and create a youtube channel filled with the most accepting family on YouTube.

Autism is really a super power

Autism is an ability not a disability


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About This Video
In this video Dan Jones from The Aspire World

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