Video:Lookyus- Whee! Tommy flies to Phoenix, Arizona’s Desert Challenge Games 2018 with Andrew, Adel, and Peter

Whee! Tommy said goodbye to his mom as he left for Phoenix, Arizona to race at the Desert Challenge Games 2018. He was lucky to have wonderful supports along for the trip- his Ottawa Lions training partner Andrew Heffernan, his Autism Assistance Dog Guide Adel, and his dad Peter! We wish all the Paralympic Hopefuls competing at the games the best of luck! Tommy is once again doing his T20 Classification with the International Paralympic Committee on Thursday, and then racing the T20 1500m on Friday evening. We are so grateful for the amazing opportunities Athletics Canada and the IPC are extending to Tommy as he works hard daily training and racing to reach his goal of racing at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games! Thank you to all the fellow runners and incredibly kind friends, both online and in person, who are so helpful in supporting Tommy, cheering him on, and sharing in this wonderful journey! We love you all! Updates coming soon! Whee! PS Tommy always quotes the Rescuers Down Under, Disney, on take off. Bernard and Bianca, the mice who head to Australia to rescue Cody from McLeech, fly on Wilbur, the hilarious bird who acts as an airplane! If you listen closely, you will hear Tommy and Peter quoting the movie! As always, Tommy relies on his vast bank of Disney movie lines to communicate his thoughts about his experiences, and to share his joy in the moment as he heads out on each new adventure!
Tommy is an Athlete with Autism who loves Disney!
Tommy’s mantra is “I’m going to be the First Fastest Runner in the World!” Thank you for sharing his inspiring, joyous message

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