Video:Lookyus- Tommy has fun with friends and Adel sees an old friend Victoria PISE with Athletics Canada

Adel was happy to see her old buddy Lars Bar, Guide Dog to Paralympian Jon Dunkerley, at PISE in Victoria with Athletics Canada! Adel and Lars said a nice Guide Dog hello 🙂 In this video, you see Tommy having fun training with Mariah, Laurence, Sarah, Annie, Casey, Rob, Adam, and lots of other runner friends, with the help of Coach Heather and Coach Geoff in Victoria 2018 at PISE, the Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence. Tommy also shows you the Airbnb where he stayed while training in Victoria! More videos to come!
Tommy is an Athlete with Autism who loves Disney!
Tommy’s mantra is “I’m going to be the First Fastest Runner in the World!” Thank you for sharing his inspiring, joyous message

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