Video:Jason Love- Disabling Comments? – Autism Cyber Bullies

Should we worry about what cyber bullies comment on our autism related videos? We got a comment saying the we should consider disabling comments on one of our videos.

Take the Survey at:

Here is the comments:
Jason why don’t you just disable the comments on here??? There are a lot of idjits trolling your son’s video, especially in more recent times, and they seriously need to be shut down! It’s fools like these with their intentional, cruel comments who have caused our 27 year old daughter to scar her body by cutting, in order to cope with the vitriolic shit they spew…just coz they can. Our girl, who has Aspergers, has suffered at the hands of bullies all her life, but as she says, at least the majority of them did/said stuff to her face. Unlike the gutless losers who go on YT, Fb etc. Here’s hoping your dear son NEVER has to endure the pain of bullying…and please consider disabling the comments so trolls have no platform to bully from. Take care my friend, from a concerned parent in NZ

You can see the original video the comment was referring to at:

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