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Everything mentioned in this Video :

Sobeys :

My Hoodie :!/invisible-i/products/invisible-i-just-keep-stimming-hoodie

Timberland Boots :

Radley Purse : SOLD OUT

Blanc Perfume :—30ml/p/BLDEA?swatch=No+Colour

Body Shop Wild Argon Oil :

Killing Eve Code Name Villanelle* :

Killing Eve No Tomorrow* :

Wrist Weights :

Sports Bra :

Leggings :

Disney Villains Jigsaw* :

Bamboo Lunchbox :

Check out my Autism Awareness Clothing Line :!/invisible-i

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* About me *
My name is Katy and I have Asperger’s Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I try and post regular videos about my lifestyle and experiences whilst learning to live with my diversities and disabilities.

* Disclaimer *
I am not an expert and have no formal training. Anything that I speak about is purely from my own experience and my own research. Please seek the help of a healthcare professional if you are concerned about your health.

If you would like to help this community become even more accessible, please help translate and caption my videos here :

Helpful links :
Chewigem* :
National Autistic Society :
Fibromyalgia info page :
HeadsMeds (Mental Health Medication info) :
Young Minds (Mental Health Support) :
Tourette’s Action :

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