It took me long enough to get the hint but, I realize I needed to say thank you to some of the TOTALLY AWESOME PEOPLE who have taken the time to like, comment, subscribe and watch my channel. I have a very small group of subscribers but we are a passionate bunch aren’t we! I really value every single one of my channel subscribers.

I want my channel to be a resource that offers insights into what it is like to grow up autistic and be autistic at different stages in life! I’m an old gray autistic werewolf now as I approach 60 years old. I’ve experienced what it is like to be autistic during many of life’s phases.

I can speak from actual experience about autism at different points in life. My channel has subscribers from every walk of life and many ages. My subscribers motivate me to never give up on trying to share autism insights. Building a successful You Tube Channel is a social activity as such, my best efforts might not get the best result. However if I let my lack of social skills stop me I would not be anywhere near the success I am in my work life. I even have a small cluster of good friends who love me. Fancy That!

I have a small channel but from what I read in the comments I have a darn good group of quality subscribers and I’ll take quality over quantity any day. My channel is growing and hopefully I will be able to help many more people but until then LET’S HAVE A BLAST AS I SHARE MY AUTISM INSIGHTS.

Remember nothing I say is meant to be medical advice. All I can do is share insights that will hopefully stimulate the dialogue between you and quality care givers and those living with autism in your life! I don’t peddle autism cures here. I share autism insights that hopefully promote greater understanding.

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