Video:Amythest Schaber- #BoycottToSiri

Trigger warning: Ableism, eugenics, medical abuse. Please expand this for more information.

The autistic community is boycotting the book To Siri With Love, published by HarperCollins and written by Judith Newman. Please stand with us.


The hastag on Twitter:

My Twitter account: @AmythestSchaber

My first interaction with Judith Newman:
My original thread, the first #BoycottToSiri tweets:

Lydia Brown’s fantastic response and open letter:

Why I Believe ‘To Siri With Love’ By Judith Newman Is A Book That Does Incredible Damage To The Autistic Community:

An Open Letter To HarperCollins about To Siri With Love:

To Judith With Love…or maybe not.
To Judith With Love…or maybe not.

An Autistic Parent’s Reaction to To Siri: Impact (is greater than) Intent

An Autistic Parent’s Reaction to To Siri: Impact > Intent

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