Video:Agony Autie- RELAXING VISUAL STIMS | What’s That?!

Stimming can be a useful tool! Do you visually stim too? If so, what are YOUR visual stims?


Everyone stims differently, uniquely and sometimes discreetly. But for autistic people, such as myself, stimming can be a vital part of our daily lives.

It’s frustrating that my stimming is often misinterpreted for daydreaming, boredom or me being “just plain rude!”

But I can promise, however, that I actually can listen without giving you my eyes – in fact, I process what you are saying much more clearly when I look away and stim as you are talking. Often my mind imagines what you are saying in the form of pictures/video.

Listening is with the ears and mind afterall…not the eyes.

This video was Sponsored by Guyatt House Care who financed the production of this video. They have hired me to meet and deliver training next month in our first booking event and are proud “Embracers of the Stim”. #sponsorship #sponsor #sponsoredvideo #promotion

Polar Moon very kindly sent us a free “Roly Moly” as a Stim Gift. I plan to do a review in the next month #freebie #review

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