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Do you use a Shower/Bath Board to access washing?

I’m 32 years old and use the board due to my loose joints & collegen (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) and heart (Postural Orstatic Tacychardia syndrome)

It means I can shower without risk of falling, reducing the risk of fainting or injuring myself. Meaning I get some privacy & a bit of independency.

The shower/bath board was recommended & ordered via a Home Occupational Therapist Visit – as we rent from a private landlord, this was the most non-invasive way of introducing an adaptation aid to the property.
I dream of one day having my own home, full of the aids & fixtures I require to be mobility aided throughout my own living space;like many of you in private rent, I don’t currently have that access.

I rely on my husband who is my carer to help me out and dry me every time, as I have difficulty even regulating my temperature. It’s ok to need help everyday.

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