Blog:The Secret Aspie- Sizzlin' Saturdays Weekly Writing – W4


Naughty Nora has posted a new Sizzlin’ Saturday prompt. If you want to participate answer the questions, post a link to the prompt, comment on Nora’s post and use the picture.

Sizzlin’ Saturdays Weekly Writing Prompt- Week 4

1. Describe your favourite sex toy and what it does for you.

I would say it has to be the submissive partner I am with at the time. Because why the fuck wouldn’t they be? Lol.

2. What is one of your hard limits and why?

Hmm, probably medical play because I hate hospitals and I had a bad experience with a Dr once.

3. Is there anything sex related that you have never tried but would like to? Details, please!

Oh, there is so much that I would like to, where to start!


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