Wnem.com: 2 teens with autism elected to Homecoming court

Homecoming is always a very special time for high schoolers and two students at Grand Blanc High School are about to have the experience of a lifetime.

“They voted us as homecoming prince and Meredith Sanford as homecoming princess,” Adam Raysin said.

Adam and Meredith were elected homecoming prince and princess of their sophomore class at Grand Blanc High School.

They are both on the autism spectrum, but that doesn’t stop them from ruling the school. They received the support of the entire student body to vote them in to represent their grade.

It’s something that makes both of their mothers’ hearts soar.

“This is something that, when you have kids with autism, you can only dream of,” said Andrea Raysin, Adam’s mom.

“I was so excited and happy for them both,” said Susan Sanford, Meredith’s mom.

The moms said finding out is a moment they will never forget.

“We were sitting there together in the office waiting for our turn with counseling and we heard our names and then you could hear people in the hall clapping and cheering and we just started crying,” Andrea said.

Meredith and Adam said they are happy and excited and they appreciate their classmates more than ever.

“Thank you for voting us. It means so much to us,” Adam said.

They are eager to go to the big dance dressed to the nines. And they have their royalty wave ready to go.

You can catch the pair Friday night at the high school during the parade and also during halftime of the football game.

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