Autistic student injured by school resource officer in Denton, parents say

DENTON, Texas — A family in Denton says their autistic ten-year-old son was injured at his elementary school by a police officer. They say a school resource officer used handcuffs on their child, and they have now pulled their son out of school.

Emily and Robert Brown say their son

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Shelby Kuenning

This is a clear violation of ADA and IDEA. This police officer either has no training in this area, training was inadequate, or he failed to apply said training. The school system should terminate his contract immediately and the police department should re-examine its policies. As both the parent of an autistic child, and an expert in the field, I’m appalled by this action. Autism support groups, the ACLU, and the parents should file a lawsuit against the department and the school district. People must be held accountable!

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