Homeopathy and Autism Part 2: Our Experience + How to Find a Homeopath

I was first introduced to homeopathy by an acquaintance. She told me how much it had helped her son who had ADHD and other behavior challenges and suggested it might help my son as well. I thought it was just another version of “natural medicine”, but I soon learned that while homeopathy is indeed natural or holistic, it is a separate natural approach all by itself.

If you haven’t read the first part of this series – How Homeopathy Can Help Your Child With Autism, I recommend you read that first.

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Our Experience with Homeopathy and Autism

At the time I was first introduced to homeopathy, my son was not yet diagnosed with autism, but his behavior was becoming increasingly challenging. I was mildly interested in homeopathy but dismissed it for two reasons you might relate to:

1) I didn’t think we could afford the out-of-pocket cost. While some insurance companies do cover homeopathy, ours (like most) did not.

2) I was afraid the homeopath would give me a list of things to change at home, such as changing to a gluten-free, dairy-free diet. At the time, even the thought of those massive changes overwhelmed me; there was no way I could have handled it then.

But my son continued to have challenges and, when he was 10 years old, I was desperate. He was confused, angry, and easily frustrated. He would melt down into massive tantrums, screaming and throwing things to the point that I worried about the safety of my three younger children and myself. I almost called the police several times because I was afraid of my own son. It was a terrible feeling. We tried medication, but that only made him worse.

So I bit the bullet and decided to take him to the classical homeopath who had been recommended to me. I was pleasantly surprised; the fee wasn’t unreasonable and she didn’t once tell me to change diet, add more supplements, stand on my head, or any of the things I had feared. Our consult went very well and I left feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time.

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Once we found the correct remedy for my son (and our homeopath was/is fantastic and nailed it right away), over the course of a month, I began to notice that he was less anxious. It was exactly like our homeopath had told me: it was a gradual lessening of his symptoms. He began to be more tolerant of situations that previously “set him off.” And best of all, he seemed happier, more well balanced, and life became easier all around for everyone in our family.

Fast forward four years and we’ve used homeopathy ever since that first appointment. My son has improved by leaps and bounds. 

I’ve seen homeopathy balance my son’s emotions and overall well-being so that he’s better able to learn other methods, whether it’s social skills therapy or learning to be considerate of others. 

The last time we saw our homeopath, I watched my son sitting calming in a chair. The not-as-comfy chair in the room because he INSISTED I sit in the comfy chair while he took the less-comfy chair. He talked with Suzanne and made eye contact (not all the time, but an almost “normal” amount.) He answered her questions and actually listened to what she said. He did this for a full hour and a half.

Our homeopath showed me some of her notes from when I first brought Nathan to her 4 years before. The difference was almost mind-boggling! He used to be like a little destructive tornado – so hyper and ANGRY and anxious. It broke my heart all over again just reading some of the notes. (I had blocked out much of those painful memories.)

Now, my son is calmer, kinder, more respectful and more responsible. He actually thinks about others now! He does occasionally still get upset (though don’t we all?) but it’s far less often, much less extreme, and he can calm himself down (or allows me to help him.) I’ve seen many more improvements, including improved sleep, better communication, less anxiety, less irritation, increased awareness of his surroundings/others, more thoughtfulness, higher self confidence, more engaging, etc.

Since we started homeopathy, we have done many more holistic things to help our son, but homeopathy was the first instrumental step in getting him to a better place and reaching the point where he (and I!) could handle more changes.

Read more about the many potential benefits of homeopathy for autism here.

In addition to my son who has autism, I also see our homeopath and have my own remedies that have greatly improved my mood and health. When my remedy is “current”, I feel stronger, happier, and more patient while my mood is happier and I can think more clearly. I’ve also had better results sticking to a healthy eating plan vs without a homeopathic remedy. 

I’ve also taken my other kids to see our homeopath and she’s helped my daughter tone down her “extremes” while improving her mood and also my youngest son who has eczema and tends to be hyper. 

Homeopathy has honestly been amazing for our whole family.

More Homeopathy and Autism Success Stories:

Testimonial from Megs Byrne, autism mom:

“As a parent of an autistic child, the search for anything that can make a positive change in your child’s life is endless. Autism has led me down many pathways to seek physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being for our daughter. Of the countless things we’ve tried, homeopathy has been a major positive player in her journey. We’ve used homeopathy across a broad spectrum of issues, from initially treating the whole child with remedies to bring her into balance to more specific symptoms such as sleep, nightmares, hyperactivity, anxiety, phobias, focus, gut issues, etc. Homeopathy is well worth the patience and experimentation involved for the results we’ve seen. It’s also become a valuable tool for the wellness of our whole family.”

Testimonial from Christen, autism mom:

“Homeopathy has been a godsend to our family. When we first realized that autism was the likely diagnosis for our son, I immediately thought of the different treatments and medications that might be offered and/or suggested to treat some of our son’s symptoms to make life, “easier,” which I knew from other acquaintances and news reports that many traditional medications came with enormous side effects or made other symptoms worse, requiring other medications to treat the side effects.

I felt we might be walking into a world full of multiple medications just to help our son function at an easier level, and the thought of any prescribed medication made my husband and I very nervous. After meeting Erika, soon after receiving our son’s diagnosis, she shared some of the same experiences with traditional medications I’d heard about, the adverse side effects and seeing no real improvement until they switched to homeopathy. Having a more natural approach to treating our son’s symptoms was exactly what I was longing to hear. She connected me with the homeopathic specialist she works with and the changes have been amazing already!

He’s been treated by this specialist for over a year now. She customized a remedy for our son that catered to the issues he presented with. Angry outbursts that lasted 20 to 90 minutes that included throwing things, hitting, requiring the evacuation of his classmates during one episode, became almost non-existent. When they would happen, with the remedy in effect, his outbursts were shorter, less frequent and when they did occur, he was able to come out and calm down using the techniques that previously didn’t work. He has progressed much further than we expected this past school year. With his IEP in place, his team has seen a change in how he communicates and is more verbal, letting his aides know when he is overwhelmed instead of lashing out.

All of these changes, I know are because of the homeopathic treatment he’s receiving.

The biggest surprise in his treatment using homeopathy is the fact that his doses are not on a schedule like traditional medications are. He is not taking pills or supplements every day, every week or even every month. We receive a dose in a simple sugar pellet dose that dissolves in his mouth about every 6 – 8 weeks. We can tell when it is time for his next dose by his moods and irritability.

It’s become quite clear that this method of treatment really works. We love that this is more cost effective and affordable. Homeopathy is not covered by insurance and costs us out of pocket, but it is worth it because the treatments are effective in what they do. The remedies bring about a balance in our son that we hadn’t seen since he was a toddler. We are so blessed by homeopathy and highly recommend to other families, even if you have no symptoms yourself, homeopathy is wonderful to bring balance to anyone. I too have started receiving homeopathic remedies and it has helped me as a mom find my own balance and be able to be stronger for my son and my other children.”

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How to Find a Homeopath

While you can buy homeopathic remedies yourself, it will be well worth your time and money to take your child to see someone who specializes in homeopathy, especially considering that autism can be so challenging. There are hundreds of different remedies and it can be difficult to find the correct one for your child all by yourself.

If you know of a recommend classical homeopath in your area, you can start there. If not, you can search online. Referrals are always helpful, so you can even post on local Facebook group asking if anyone can recommend a homeopath in your area. Additionally, there are websites that have directories for classical homeopaths, such as the National Center for Homeopathy that offer a homeopath director. You can find that here.

Once you’ve found a homeopath you are interested in working with, give them a call and ask questions. The number one question to ask is “Do you have experience treating kids with autism?”

Just because a homeopath may not “specialize” in autism does not mean they won’t be able to help your child. Our homeopath does not ‘specialize’ in autism, but that didn’t stop her from literally changing my son’s life and mine! On the other hand, if you do have the option to choose a homeopath with experience in treating children who have autism, that is probably your best choice assuming you feel they’re a good fit for you and your child.

Questions to Ask a Homeopath:
What is the cost? (more on this below)
Is it covered by insurance? (Unfortunately, most insurance companies will not cover homeopathy.)
How often will I need to bring my child in?
How long have you been practicing homeopathy?

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A note about the cost:

Because homeopathy is not often covered by insurance, I know many of you – just like I was – will hesitate because of the price. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind with homeopathy.

While the initial consult may cost anywhere from $100-500, it will usually last between 1 and 2 hours (it’s not the average in-and-out doctor visit) and follow-up visits will cost less, in most cases.

Also, homeopathy is not like a chiropractor where they will ask you to come back 2 or 3 times a week for the rest of your life. In my experience, after the initial 2-hour visit, we saw our homeopath once more in the first couple of months and then we went to once-a-year visits, communicating via email and phone as needed.

Your experience may vary somewhat depending on your homeopath and your child’s symptoms. This is also why it’s a good idea to ask about the typical frequency of visits when you first inquire – so you can plan to work this into your family budget.

Homeopathy has literally been some of the BEST money we have ever spent. Even my husband said so and he is much more skeptical about “natural” things than I am. It has been worth every single penny and even more.

The difference in my son’s life because of homeopathy is so amazing, it’s hard to put into words.

Important to Remember:

Communicate with your child’s homeopath. If you’re not seeing any changes, let him or her know. Ask questions. 

Remember homeopathy takes time to work. It’s not like popping an aspirin for a headache where you’ll begin to feel relief in less than an hour. Homeopathy helps balance slowly and holistically, thus reducing stress, anxiety, and many other symptoms.

Give it time, be patient, and you and your child with autism will reap the benefits of homeopathy.

There are more natural, holistic ways you can use to help your child with autism too, including essential oils, MTHFR treatment and more. 

We love using essential oils and this calm and collected essential oil blend is fantastic for calming. 

Did you know that an estimated 98% of kids who have autism also have a gene mutation called MTHFR? You can read more about MTHFR here and the simple natural treatment that can result in huge transformation: MTHFR Explained.

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