Heavy.com: Kologi Family Photos: Teen Accused in Long Branch Murders


Kologi Family.

Stories of families being murdered are the stuff of literary lore. Think of books like In Cold Blood. However, the tragedy that befell the Kologi family of Long Branch, New Jersey on New Year’s Eve is all too real.

GoFundMeLinda and Steve Kologi.

In the morning, there

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This article was written in poor taste. Whoever thought it would be appropriate to write/publish this article using terms like “blood bath” should probably consider proof reading twice along with seeking several outside opinions before posting. Editors are supposed to prevent crap like this.

I’d just like to point out in case of any misunderstandings that Autism Gazette did not write this article, we just found it and linked to it as we do to any Autism news story we find. Any criticism of the author should be directed to the original source of the story as it’s extremely doubtful they will ever see this link or these comments.

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