Autism Spectrum Disorders

Prevalence of Ever-Diagnosed ASD 2.79% in US Children

70 percent of children with current ASD are treated; 20.3% receive behavioral treatment and medication.

Prenatal Insecticide Exposure in Mother May Be Linked to Risk for Autism in Children

Levels of p,p’-DDE were higher in mothers of children with autism than in mothers of children in the control group.

Prenatal Tdap Vaccination Not Associated With an Increased Risk of Autism

No association was observed between prenatal vaccination of Tdap vaccination and an increased risk of autism spectrum disorder risk in children.

fMRI Evidence for Social Motivation Hypothesis of Autism

These data show that ASD may arise from an early neurobiological difference in response to rewarding social stimuli, which could result in reduced social motivation.

Exposure to Maternal HTN May Up Risk of ASD, ADHD in Child

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy linked to risk of poorer neurodevelopmental outcomes in offspring

Some Common Allergies Linked to Odds of Autism in Children

Significant, positive link for common allergies, especially food allergy, with autism

Hans Asperger, Leading Autism Researcher, Tied to Nazi Child Euthanasia Program

By Steve Duffy

Medical records of 48 children examined by Asperger show that he specifically called for 12 of the children to be transferred to the Am Spiegelgrund facility, the ‘euthanasia’ institution founded in 1940.

Autism Linked to Prenatal Ultrasonography Depth

By Madeline Morr

No statistically significant difference was observed in the number or duration of prenatal ultrasonographic scans across the entire pregnancy in children with later autism compared with controls with non-ASD developmental delay or typical development.

ADHD Frequently Occurs with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Co-occurrence of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is common in children with autism spectrum disorder.

Maternal folic acid, multivitamin use linked to reduced autism risk

By Rita Aghjayan

Use of folic acid or multivitamins during pregnancy is associated with a significantly reduced risk of ASD in offspring.

Antenatal multivitamin use linked to lower autism risk in offspring

By Madeline Morr

Maternal multivitamin supplementation during pregnancy may be inversely associated with ASD with intellectual disability in offspring.

MRI may detect autism before age 1

By Madeline Morr

MRI scans showed that the brain size of infants grew faster between 12 and 24 months, the same time that behavioral signs of autism appeared.

Autism risk not linked to induced labor

Nearly 2% of the 1 million infants studied were later diagnosed with autism.

Hearing test may ID children at risk for autism

The technique is a noninvasive method to screen children for hearing loss that may be associated with autism.

Universal screening for autism spectrum disorder leads to more diagnoses at a younger age

By Lauren Biscaldi

A 2007 American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation for universal autism screening has led to increased earlier diagnoses of the condition.

A need for early autism screening

Earlier interventions lead to better outcomes in autism.

USPSTF finds insufficient evidence for autism screening in all children

By Hannah Dellabella

The USPSTF has found insufficient evidence to support screening all young children for autism spectrum disorder if a parent or clinician has no expressed concerns.

Taking antidepressants during pregnancy may increase autism risk

The offspring of women who took antidepressants during pregnancy had an 87% increased risk of developing autism.

Cost of autism care may reach $500 billion by 2025

Researchers estimate that the annual cost of caring for people with autism spectrum disorder could rise to $500 billion to $1 trillion.

Parental age linked to increased autism risk

Greater odds in children of teenage mothers, older mothers, and parents with big age gap

More evidence debunks measles vaccine, autism link

Finding held true even for children at risk for the developmental disorder

Gestational diabetes may up kids' autism risk

Under guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, women are screened for gestational diabetes, usually at 24 to 28 weeks.

Anti-vaccination movement fueled by fear

By Robyn Carlisle, MSN, CNM

Diseases such as measles and whooping cough are making a comeback because a growing number of people choose to follow a movement based in fear mongering.

Preeclampsia-autism connection found

By Sandhya George

The children of mothers who had preeclampsia during pregnancy are more likely to develop autism spectrum disorder.

Maternal iron intake linked to autism risk in children

Mothers aged 35 years and older with low iron intake were at a fivefold greater risk of having a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Depression Tx risks, benefits unclear for pregnant patients

Indirect evidence suggested future studies should focus on congenital anomalies, autism spectrum, and attention deficit disorders in offspring.

Coping strategies help families of teens with autism adapt

By Nicole Blazek

Greater impact of daily stressors, behavioral problems and worry about the future associated with more difficulty adapting.

No link between labor induction and autism

Current evidence does not support a correlation between labor induction and augmentation and the risk of autism spectrum disorders.

Autism linked to overconnectivity in brain networks

Adolescents with ASDs show atypically increased functional connectivity between two brain networks that are crucial for social cognition.

Prenatal SSRIs may up autism risk in boys

Strongest correlation seen for SSRI exposure during first trimester, link also seen for developmental disorders.

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