Day: Jan 16, 2019

Video:Willow Hope- Welcome Video for Asperclick (The Basics)

Video:Willow Hope- Welcome Video for Asperclick (The Basics)

Hello Internet People!!

I run through the basics and best features of my forum so you can get the best out of Asperclick!

If you could also check out my website, that would be great. I write a blog and some articles about Asperger’s. I make some Autism Awareness products, as well as various other items featuring my artwork and photography. I also sell my books there too, the first book is full of poems and short stories, written whilst I was in the middle of a nervous breakdown. The second book is for children on the Autistic Spectrum, and is to help them understand sharing. My third book is about living with Asperger Syndrome and has lots of help and advice sections throughout, as well as a timeline on my website with loads more information to go with each chapter!

If it’s not too much trouble, please share this video/like it and comment as well, (I do read them all even if I don’t always respond, same goes for emails) it really helps me out!

Plus, you can head over to twitter and tweet me your thoughts/questions @willowhopepage

I’m always happy to help out with any projects which involve the Autistic Spectrum; I can do videos, interviews, artwork etc. so if you have something in mind, just contact me here to discuss it: [email protected]

I also founded and run a support forum for people on the spectrum, so please head over and sign up!

Love Willow

Thanks for your continued support guys!

Posted by ASD-Search in Videos, 0 comments Lawmakers seek end to age cap on insurance coverage for children with autism Lawmakers seek end to age cap on insurance coverage for children with autism

Thousands of Virginians diagnosed with autism would be eligible for continued health care coverage if legislation removing an age cap on insurance is approved.

In a press conference Tuesday, advocates and lawmakers called for action on the proposal, which they said would help an estimated 10,000 people now excluded

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