Month: June 2017

Designs on a dream job with Disney

There’s already illustration credits to Ms Elford’s name including one for a story book about a boy with Aspergers Syndrome titled I Am Wren. Ms Elford will leave for the US in August. THE Gatton Star was out and about over the weekend, attending the Esk … …read more

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Building better brains: A bioengineered upgrade for organoids

Scientists, for the first time, have combined organoids with bioengineering. Using small microfilaments, they show improved tissue architecture that mimics human brain development more accurately and allows more targeted studies of brain development and its malfunctions. …read more

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Annual fundraiser for autism taking place in Stellarton

The annual fundraiser for autism awareness will include a one-kilometre walk from G.R. Saunders School in Stellarton followed by activities such as face painting, bouncy houses and games. All money raised goes to the local chapter for autism. People can … …read more

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